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Nipple discharge

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This post is on behalf of my 21 year old daughter who had had a bit of a fright. Her nipple is discharging white creamy fluid and she feels a movable lump. She has never had intercourse or been on any contraception, she doesn't currently take any medication. She suffers reynauds and has heavy blood clots in her periods some anxiety and depression, other than that she is healthy. The discharge has been going on maybe a week her boobs have grown a bit, still quite small so wondering if this is some kind of oestrogen boost and a final growth spurt. However as just one side has the discharge and there hardening within the breast we are quite worried and as it's the weekend can't see the dr. I know she can't get a diagnosis on here but wondered if any one has had similar and it's been ok.

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Hi there, Thank you for your message. We're really sorry to hear your daughter is feeling worried about this - unfortunately as a gynaecological charity we aren't able to advise on breast concerns, but would suggest reaching out to a breast cancer charity as well as her GP.

Best Wishes,

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