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Ovary fused to uterus

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I had fibroids removed 2 years ago and I was still experiencing pain. Today I was advised that my ovary had in fact fused to my uterus due to scar tissue.

Has anyone had anything similar? I have been advised to go on the pill for 4 months to see if it changes anything and if not to have them removed.

Grateful for any advise.

Thank you

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I had multiple adhesions and scar tissue that fused my bladder, bowel, uterus and ovaries together in places. My right ovary wasn't working particularly and is pretty much encased within scar tissue and the fallopian tube is twisted. I has major surgery. My left ovary has been removed (due to large dermoid cyst) abd multiple adhesions removed to try and separate everything thst was fused. My surgeon put fluid into my abdominal cavity to try and prevent further adhesions. Unfortunately, my surgical wound broke down so the fluid didn't stay in very long.

This was all in 2004. I used to have severe, debilitating abdominal pain (due to the cyst, adhesions and my periods). I still experienced pain afterwards but not as severe. In the end I had a Mirena coil fitted which made a massive difference.

I ended up entering early menopause and had the mirena removed earlier this year. I have very little pain nowadays, for which I an thankful.


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Holaguapa in reply to Ghoulette

Thank you, last year I had the Kyleena fitted and it seemed to hurt me a lot having it there. I also experienced awful hair loss etc and generally just felt awful for most of the time. I had it removed. I took the pill last night and now I have an awful yeast infection down there. I’m not sure if I’m actually deficient in progesterone! Something is not working as it should anyways and I’m at my wits end! Thanks for your advice xx

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Hi there,

We're so sorry to hear you're experiencing this pain.

It’s not uncommon for adhesions ( scar tissue) to form following surgery, and that can cause the pain you're describing. We do hope that the suggested treatment makes a difference for you - and are always here if you have any other questions relating to this or any other gynae cancer/health concerns.

We're available on nurse@eveappeal.org.uk

Best Wishes,

The Ask Eve Team

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