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Abnormal ultrasound

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I’m 50 and had an ultrasound today that showed very thickened endometrium and enlarged uterus. They are scheduling biopsy. I am terrified and trying not to google. Please help.

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As someone who has undergone an endometrial biopsy I would advise that you ensure that they give you pain relief for the procedure. + I’d stay away from Google until you are given the results of the biopsy as that will likely just add to your stress

I had an ultra sound about 6 weeks ago that showed thickened endometrium. Of course I googled it and imagined the worst but a consultant gynaecologist phoned me to say it was only 5mm. So there was no concern. I had no symptoms and no bleeding (I am 84). I hope you get a positive result, try not to worry.

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Hi there, Thank you for your message.

We totally understand that you're feeling worried about what this all might mean. A thickened endometrium doesn't automatically mean that you have endometrial cancer - we know it's difficult but the worst case scenarios are the ones that you will see by going on Google, whereas it's entirely possible that this isn't something serious. Do try and avoid checking on the internet until after your biopsy appointment and results, when the doctors can tell you what's going on.

If you have any questions after your biopsy, please do get in touch with us on nurse@eveappeal.org.uk

Best Wishes,

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