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Can blood test detect cervical cancer

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So I've been worried about cervical cancer for a while now but I just wanted to know... can a blood test detect or indicate the presence of cervical cancer, cause I had my bloods done recently and they've came back completely normal?

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Normally if your blood tests are normal your okay sometimes things can be missed that's why I'm going for ultrasound and trying to get a smear because I'm 24 it's like I have to begggg x

I hope its the former! I have my smear on 25, im so nervous, I hope things work out for you x

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Hi there, Thank you for your question. No, a blood test isn't used to detect cervical cancer. A cervical cancer will be confirmed through a biopsy (tissue sample) and often a scan as well to determine size/stage of the tumour.

If you are concerned about symptoms of cervical cancer, please speak to your GP who can make the necessary gynae referral for further investigation.

If you have any other questions please do get in touch with us via

Best Wishes,

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I spoke to my gp yesterday, and he asked me about my symptoms, and how long I've had them, and thinking back, I've had bleeding and pain after 6 years now.. if I had cancer all of this time would I know about it?

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