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Post Menopausal Bleeding


Hi there, had two episodes of bleeding last year. Quick response from GP, MRI and CT scan showed nothing untowards so being treated for Vaginal Atrophy with a hormone cream. Been on that 8 months now, twice weekly, and started bleeding again this week. Again quick response from gp who are doing bloods, ultrasound and gynae referral but i was wondering what the bleeding is like if its ovarian or cervical cancer? Is it light/heavy, continual or erratic? Interested for future reference as i know these cancers are rare but ive had a HPV anal cancer before and would like to know if there are more signs to be aware of? Thanks

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I was diagnosed with stage 2A cervical cancer following symptoms of a discharge and post menopausal bleeding My symptoms started with a watery yellow discharge which I had for 3-4 months before visiting a GP. Then the discharge started to get slightly pink due to blood staining. A few weeks on I suddenly had bleeding; luckily the panty liner I had in place just managed to contain it. I had several more episodes of bleeding before my treatment started. Most of the bleeding was moderate much how my periods used to be. I has one exceptional episode of bleeding which came out in spurts and there were clots as well. I was so alarmed I went to A&E but they told me they would only be concerned if I was bleeding by the cupful. So I would say my bleeding was erratic and ranged from light to quite heavy. Everyone is different and I have met a lady whose bleeding was so excessive she required a blood transfusion.

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Thanks so much for your reply and sharing your story. I do understand its different for everyone but helpful to here personal experience even though it may be different. I hope you are doing well and that your treatment has been effective.Im due scans etc this week but suspect its the same as last year and just my hormones doing some odd fling. Many thanks again.


Hi there,

Thank you for your message. It's good to read that your GP is quick to respond and refer you for this latest bit of bleeding.

Abnormal vaginal bleeding, i.e. bleeding when you personally aren't expecting to (as we're all different) can be a symptom of womb, cervical and vaginal cancer, but not really ovarian. The bleeding can really vary - there isn't a 'one size fits all'. In our experience, people who have bleeding and then find out it was a sign of womb cancer can sometimes experience heavier bleeding than those with cervical/vaginal cancer, but that's not to say a heavy abnormal bleed can't be a sign of cervical and vaginal cancer and equally that a lighter bit of blood couldn't be a sign of womb cancer, if that makes sense. It really does vary from person to person, which is why we encourage anyone who experiences any form of abnormal bleeding to get checked out.

If you have any other questions, we can be reached via

Best Wishes,

The Ask Eve Team

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Thank you for your reply. O dp understand these things are very individual but even knowing that I still had to ask! Yes had bloods done today and got TVS on Friday so all good and very efficient. I suspect it will all be similar to last year and another post menopausal hormonal burst but good to know its all being checked again. 😊

Hello. I had a similar issue and was seen ,investigated ( including hysteroscopy under GA)and discharged three times from Gynae, with similar (VA) diagnosis and hormone pessaries. Eventually,I bumped into a lump while inserting pessary, and was re-referred, and this time (after very reluctant exam by SPR) pelvic mri ordered, followed by biopsy, followed by ct scan over a period of 5-6 weeks. Ultimately referred to oncology for advice about removal of benign lesion. Called to very urgent appointment, I learned that I had an extremely rare vaginal cancer and was treated urgently with chemo radiotherapy and brachytherapy

If you are worried, please don’t give up. I had to be quite persistent but ultimately arrived at the right treatment, and worry that too many women may feel they can’t keep questioning the doctor.

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Thanks Alexa. Well done for being persistant. Am glad you got the necessary and right treatment in the end. Right now im feelingvits probably a hormonal burst from somewhere although i have noticed a lumpy cervix but thinking that may be normal at my age so not too worried. They were very thorough last time but I will make sure all necessary investigations are done again. Good luck and appreciate your response.

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