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Any advice on hysterectomy to remove my womb please. From someone who had it will be great. 🙂🙏🏼


My lovely gynecologist who had seeing me several times previously who now call me her friend, was cheerful when I went to see her again last year.

I’ve been having smear test at least once a year since my first colposcopy treatment in 2003 and every year is the same.

December 2018 they found endometriosis and adhesion with my first laparoscopy.

By that time everyone could see Ive been repeatedly having problems one way or another.

My both grandparents died with cancer with their private parts and my father had stomach cancer.

They thinks it’s genetic and I think so too.

So I am like let’s deal with it if that causes too much problems. So when I’ve heard about removing my womb was a good idea for me I thought.

But I’m worrying about after effects as I’ve heard some women are suffering from severe depression after they had it.

Other women felt great like a new born baby.

I hope that’s me.

But I’m still hoping I can have an another option. 😀

As I’m worrying if I’ll suffer from severe depression after removing my womb and be a burden to my sons who is 22 and 14 for the rest of my life?!

Recently went to A & E, because of the severe bleeding with clots and the pain.

I’m waiting to hear from gynecologist at King’s after referral from the doctor at GP.

Also I’m trying to be ready by keeping up good diet, sometimes fasting with just water to cleanse my body and doing little exercises like just stretch my muscles at home.

I’m trying anything that I can do to reduce my condition that I have.

I’m trying to think that I have more times to get ready mentally and physically.

But the waiting time is hard for everybody dealing with so many different conditions.

This time really effecting me mentally and trying to beat it.

I would like to hear from you who had hysterectomy to remove the womb completely about before and the after effects.

What should I do while I’m waiting.

What support can I have?

I’ll be very grateful to hear from you.

Thank you :)

P. S sorry for my poor English.

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I'm guessing you would be having a simple hysterectomy? I had a radical hysterectomy as I suspect most women on this forum would have as it's one of the treatments for invasive gynaecological cancer. I'm not sure how relevant my experience of a radical hysterectomy would be for you and besides I had chemo-radiotherapy treatment not long afterwards so I have multiple side effects from both sets of treatment. You might be interested to look at the website for hystersisters because there are lot of experiences of hysterectomy on their forum:


Hi there, Thank you for your message. Hopefully others who have had a similar experience will be able to share their thoughts with you, but if you would like to speak to our gynae cancer nurse about the hysterectomy procedure itself, please do get in touch with us/email your phone number to

Best Wishes,

The Ask Eve Team