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Continuous itching, what can it be!


I have a very itchy vagina (internal) for over a year. I do not have a STI/D. I have had Dr's and over the counter treatments. I have all the signs of Thrush/BV but nothing works. Thought it could be psoriasis (rare cases) had a small spell on my head/face. I have hypothyroidism after surgery (2012) but I am not over weight, it has gotten progressively worsen over time. Feel certain things can trigger it more, so I am mindful but it is always there regardless.

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If you are postnatal/breast feeding or peri/postmenopausal then oestrogen depletion can result in dryness or thinning of the skin which, amongst other things, may result in itchiness. The condition is known as atrophic vulvo-vaginitis or vulvo-vaginal atrophy (VVA). I have recently been diagnosed and have been prescribed with a topical oestrogen cream and I also use a vaginal moisturiser on a regular basis.

You would need to speak to your Dr if you feel oestrogen cream might be appropriate for you. You might have to be pro-active in getting support for it; in my experience GPs are not great about diagnosing and understanding the problems that VVA can cause for some women and even less good about offering help and treatment for it.

Jane Lewis is an impressive advocate for VVA:

Mapapi in reply to Perido

OMGOSH! I am kicking myself for not joining earlier... obviously I have not been diagnosed yet. But In less than 24 hours I have had advice information, that I couldn't get from my GP for over a year. I was made to feel I was wasting his/her time; at one point I was in directly told I need to grin and bare it. For all that have replied to my post I am extremely grateful. I now have a starting point to work with, which inturn has given me new hope.

Perido in reply to Mapapi

If you are peri/post menopausal probably worth asking if there is a Dr (assuming you have a choice) who has an interest in the menopause. It seems that menopause in not well covered in medical training and it would be down to a GP to elect to learn more about it. I've had very poor support (worse than useless) from my GP for my VVA over the years; it's a long story but it was a contributary factor for my cervical cancer diagnosis in 2017. If I had my time again I would pay to see a gynaecologist who specialises in the menopause.

Something you can easily try first is a vaginal moisturiser (as opposed to a vaginal lubricant) which can be bought over the counter - Sylk works well for me.

Mapapi in reply to Perido

Thanks again Perido! You have given me a life line. My Gp surgery is more than useless, when it comes to any sort of diagnosis. I've done some research thanks to you. Problem now is getting to see my Gp, have to wait nearly 3 weeks. In the mean time will definitely try your suggestion on moisturiser......Sorry to hear about the cervical cancer, I hope you have the all clear 🙏. When I wasn't getting any answer I started to get very paranoid, so last year I had a smear test done ahead of time. Take good care 😉

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