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Referral to gynae - worried about cervical cancer


At the beginning of the year I suffered with a severe urine infection and thrush. Treatment cleared up both infections. However, since this occurred I have suffered constant discomfort during intercourse, followed by some spotting. The discomfort is like a really intense stinging pain and goes away after intercourse is attempted. I now can’t even have sex due to the discomfort. I have seen my GP for an observation who said my womb is tilted and looked inflamed. Did swabs to ensure infection had cleared up but everything came back normal, including scan. I have now been referred to gynaecology as he suspects endometriosis but I am not convinced. I was refused a smear test as I am only 21 years old, which I find particularly frustrating as someone who suffers from cancer related health anxiety. Can anyone relate or has anyone experienced similar symptoms that turned out not to be cancer related?

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Hi there, Thank you for your message. We're really sorry to hear that you're feeling anxious and worried by all of this - but of course it's completely understandable. It's good to hear that your GP has referred you for further investigation in order to get an answer to what's going on. This is very unlikely to be cervical cancer, but of course we understand that you're going to worry about the worst case scenario - again that's completely normal in situations like this where we don't have an answer yet. Your GP was right to not give you a smear test and instead refer you for a gynae appointment - smear tests/cervical screening are not screening tests rather than diagnostic, i.e. are used to screen lots of people and look at the health of their cervixes rather than a tool to diagnose cancer, so they did the right thing in referring you - anyone with potential symptoms doesn't need a smear/screening test, they need a gynae referral.

If you have any questions please do get in touch with our nurse service on

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Are you on any contraceptive? I have been through colposcopy and biopsie for cervical cancer after my smear shown cell change and mine did NOT come back cancer but CIN3 precancerous cells. This wasn't causing me a discomfort feeling down below after intercourse but it all started after a thrush infection and I believe hormonal because I was on the contraceptive implant. Since having the implant removed the strange uncomfortable feeling I would get with intercourse disappeared. Your Dr done right by sending you to gynaecology they are the best place to be referred to for this kind of thing. Hope you get answers to this soon. Best of luck 🙂👍

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