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Sores around vagina


Hi, for about 2-3 weeks now I’ve developed what looks like sores around the top part of my vagina inside the lips. It started out as two cuts, and now looks like big sores, they were never blisters that where filled with puss or anything. It’s been really itchy, I’ve gone to wearing really loose fitting underwear, soaking in a bath, and not shaving or having sex. I’m unsure what to do next as I’m approaching week 4 and they don’t look to be healing, it looks really dry, I have no change in usual white discharge with no real smell. I thought I could be herpes but I didn’t have blisters, it was more like torn skin that keeps tearing more and more. Any advice on how to treat/ what to do? I didnt want to waste nhs time with the pandemic, so I’ve ordered self test sti kits and come back clear. Many thanks

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Hi there,

So can we suggest you make a call to your GP. You can explain your symptoms and all the appropriate actions you have taken over the phone . They will then be able to assess whether or not they need to see you to help you (they may suggest photographing the area and sending pic to a secure NHS address) first it depends on resources.

Most GP’s are operating a policy of parking your car/waiting the 2 metre social distancing space between others and then being called in by telephone when they are ready to see you.

The caveat for everyone visiting GP or hospital is not to come if they have a fever or new cough. Do contact our Ask Eve team on if you have any more questions.

Best Wishes,

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