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Panic stations! Help please?

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Hi all, I'm new here..and in a panic! I'm 55 and last period Jan 2018, and 2 days ago I started to bleed fairly heavily with no warning. Felt just like a period, with the same pains. GP has referred me for scan in 2 weeks, but I made the mistake of looking at my records online, and she has referred me for suspected cancer ! Please help. Panic stations here...

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Hi there,

So you have a great GP, she is following protocol which says that any post- menopausal bleed ( known as PMB ) should be referred under the 2 week wait cancer pathway so that the woman can get checked out to rule out a womb cancer. It’s important to do this as if checked up quickly like this and there is a cancer it can usually be treated and cured with surgery alone.

It could be that you have this bleeding for other reasons other than cancer so they are likely to give you an internal ultrasound scan and will want to take a biopsy (sample) of your womb lining to look at under the microscope.

If you would like to talk to a gynae specialist nurse about this in confidence then

please do email us on

Best Wishes,

The Ask Eve Team

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