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Told no pain meds post op but Motrin after laproscopic hysterectomy removing Endo cancer

I'm scared. I have endometrial cancer and oncologist told be that I will not receive any narcotic pain medication post op. She said just Motrin. I'm talking about in the hospital not take home meds. Does that sound normal right after surgery?

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What operation are you having? X


I'm having a total hysterectomy done by laproscopic.


They are removing uterus and everything through my vagina. So yeah not abdominal surgery


The recovery is much better this way and pain generally less but you may still need some basic pain relief and that might include opioids although they try and limit them due to the effects on the bowel. Often the pain is due to trapped wind, as they use gas to get a better view internally and best thing for that is hot peppermint! X


Thank you

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Hi there,

Thank you for your message - you should be offered what ever level of pain relief you needs -

it may be that they use fentanyli or another narcotic instead with less of a side effect protocol of morphine . Please be reassured that you will be assessed for pain and given what you need.

Wishing you all the best for your surgery and recovery.

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