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Hi all, I’m new to this site. Stumbled across it while making the fatal error of googling my symptoms. Ask Eve seems a genuine source of information so I feel comfortable asking for advice here. I am 43 and since Monday 24th June I have been experiencing bleeding. Monday was cycle day 17 so not my period. Reluctant to think it is ovulation bleeding as I’ve never had this and 4 days later, I am still bleeding. It’s a mix of red and pink blood, often mixed in with mucus. It’s not heavy, I can get away with wearing a liner. I can’t say I have any other symptoms, it’s just this bleeding! I’ve also noticed small red/pink specks of whatever it might be in the bottom of the toilet bowl after I’ve had a wee. Cervical smears have always been normal, last one was March 2018. I had my little boy 19 months ago and I had bacterial vaginosis when I was pregnant and I recall passing these little flecks then. The blood then wasn’t as heavy as it is now (although I can’t say it’s heavy now, a liner is enough). Naturally I am scared witless. I look at my little boy and get upset, thinking I’m going to be diagnosed with cancer. Fair to say I am terrified. Has anyone else experienced this bleeding, mixed in with mucus? Much love to you all and thank you in advance for any replies xx

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