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Hello Eve Team

Could you advise please? I am currently experiencing what gynae think is PID as a result of a pregnancy loss with a huge amount of complications. I’ve also had positive swab test for thrush.

I am due a smear - overdue now because of the above complications. I keep being told that I shouldn’t go for a smear yet as the above will effect the results.

Is this your understanding too?

I absolutely hate being late for it! Last two smears normal.

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Hi there Katie,

Thank you for your message.

It shouldn't make a difference unless there is lots of blood. If the patient has thrush, the clinician should gently wipe away any obvious discharge before the smear to get an adequate sample.

Best Wishes,

The Ask Eve Team


I’m being told so many different things! Largely that inflammation cells due to PID will impact the results!


Hi Katie,

We checked this with a consultant gynaecologist who runs a colposcopy service, and there is definitely no reason that you can't have a smear test.

Best Wishes

The Ask Eve Team


Thanks so much!

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Hi Katiee,

How are you feeling?

Better now?

Thinking about you


I once had a swap done with little blood on in ( from period, I thought no more period because I didn’t know my dr want to do the swap ) ,My Dr said its ok..

But then I repeat the test because I didn’t feel confident


There shouldn’t be any blood, it’s more potential inflammation/infection


Yeah you’re right, that’s what I thought and told my dr it shouldn’t be any blood, but dr knows best 🤨

I retest again after that 😄