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Abnormal smear and HPV question

I had a colposcopy a few months ago that had cin 3 cells (small area on cervix) had it removed through loop procedure and now I'm just waiting for my test of cure smear which is coming up after waiting nearly 6 months, which is tested again after you have the loop procedure they also test at the same time for HPV. I'm concerned about if I had HPV or still do or if I will ever be able to get rid of it and will the abnormal cervix cells return also the risk of developing other cancers from the HPV like mouth throat and anal . I was wondering is there any other screening tests for HPV other than cervical for anal/ mouth etc for a female

Any other information about HPV would be really appreciated aswell

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Hi there,

Thank you for your message. The reason the test is done 6 months on from the last one is because it takes time for the body to clear the HPV infection via it's immune system, sometimes it can take longer than this (everyone is different). The important thing is that you are in the screening system that can monitor this to keep you safe.

Swallows are a great head and neck cancer support group - it might be worth getting in touch with them if you have any specific questions about HPV and the link to mouth and throat cancers.


Best Wishes

The Ask Eve Team

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