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Please could you help me?


I have been having troubles with my periods since they first started at the age of 16.

I went for checks and they couldn’t find the source but I was prescribed Mefenamic Acid. It helped for a while but my periods got that bad I began to have explosive diarrhoea and was vomiting because of the pain. I went back to gynaecology and they perform a laparoscopy which came back that everything was okay. I had a CT scan done and it came back that I had a bulky uterus but it was left there. The consultant told me it could be an indication of Adenomyosis. I had a ultrasound and that came back normal. I had some irregular bleeding after sex and in between periods so was examined by my gp. He said my cervix looked inflamed and sent me to the colposcopy clinic. I had a smear done and biopsy taken. The smear was negative but there was a a note made of Koilycytes that they found. They said it was nothing to be too concerned about. Since then the problems have still persisted and I’m at a loss of what to do really. I now have it in my head that it could be cervical cancer. I’m only 24 but I suffer back pain, leg pain and terrible terrible periods. I was just wondering if you could offer some words of advice about what to do.

Many thanks


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Hi Sarah,

It sounds like you are having a really miserable time .

The reassuring fact is that all the investigations you have had for cervix cancer have shown that you don't have cervix cancer.

You do have s Gynae condition however that is affecting your quality of life both physical and mental , so we would encourage you to go back to your GP to get a referral to a gynaecologist to help manage these symptoms .

Wishing you well,

Ask Eve


This was done 2 years a go at colposcopy though. Would cancer develop within those two years that would give me those symptoms?

Thinks that’s also playing on my mind.


Hi Sarah,

So we do think you need to see your GP as you are experiencing potential symptoms, which although are much more likely to be a less serious problem, are causing you a lot of ongoing worry and stress.

Cervical screening appointments are typically every 3 years as this is considered by research a safe amount of time between checks, i.e. highly unlikely that a cancer would develop in 3 years or less.

Wishing you all the best,

Ask Eve