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Complex aytypical Hyperplasia and Provera


Hi all,

The short version of my story is I had a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy in February which uncovered endometriosis in a few places and complex aytypical hyperplasia in a polyp. Both were removed at the time.

I then had a follow up biopsy and hysteroscopy/D&C in June and the polyp had returned in the same place, containing CAH again.

My consultant and the MDT team agreed that given my age (37) and that the cells appear at this stage to be confined to the polyp, they would try hormone therapy as the first port of call.

I’ve been on Provera tablets (20mg) a day for about 6 weeks now. On the whole I’ve been ok but the reason for me getting in touch is that I’m now on day 17 of a period, which is very abnormal for me. I understand that longer bleeding can occur when on these drugs but is this something I should be concerned about? The first week of it was probably the heaviest I’ve ever bled also.

For info I can’t have the Mirena as I have a biocornuate uterus.

I’m due the next biopsy in November so I’m hoping I’ll only have to be on the drugs a little while longer but any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks xx