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Being ignored

I have just accessed my urgent care department after weeks of pelvic pain - that had become acute over the last 24 hours. I was turned away and told to go back to gp. Having already seen her 3 weeks ago. I’m 46, on HRT for 6 months, and have been dismissed as having Fibromyalgia after repeatingly experiencing lower back pelvic pain - over 4 years - and have been on morphine for a year. I’ve not had any pelvic examinations other than a MRI for suspected back issues, over a year ago. Wits end. I have another appointment at 5 and feel I’m going to be dismissed again. I couldn’t walk this morning with the pain. Any advice to take to see gp would be greatful

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Hi there,

Thank you for your message and so sorry to hear that you are experiencing a lot of pain and frustration at the moment.

Ok, so as far as potenial gynae issues are concerned, it sounds like you do need a proper pelvic examination, so this can be done via referral from your GP to your hospital's gynaecology department. We're sure that you will, but please do stress the amount of pain you are in and mention HRT, morphine etc.

Wishing you all the best,

The Ask Eve Team