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Please help a very depressed and stressed momma ovarian cancer?

Hi, I’m new to all this and don’t know where to turn anymore. I had a baby in September via-c-section and had my tubes clipped during the procedure. Well the next month I had pain like around my appendix or ovary area went in to ER and was told nothin wrong all normal just an umbilical hernia with fatty tissue. December had heavy period and pelvic pain, January I’ve been in and out ER and obgyn over 10 times we’ve done 4 tranvaginal ultrasounds and 3 ct scan done of abdomen, 2 ultrasound of abdominal area. All normal ovary is seen and normal size no cyst nothing just hernia. Well got lots of symptoms, decreased appetite, frequent urinating, and uti symptoms. Had colonoscopy and endoscopy and all normal. My doctors are telling me I have postpartum depression and lots of anxiety and the pain I feel is adhesions. Oh and I have back pains but they say I’m morbid obese so that’s that. Over 10 doctors have said this. Do you think I should keep pushing for more answers cause everything I read says people get misdiagnosed and to be my best advocate for myself. Or do I believe these doctors. The only thing that freaked me out more is my last ultrasound said no significant free fluid. That made me scared. My ob says that’s normal. please please give me your opinions. I need to hear from someone outside my circle and what should I do Next. Does it sound like ovarian cancer? I’m 38 years old

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Hi there.

Thank you for your message. We're sorry to hear that you are having a worrying time health-wise after having your baby. You're quite right in that it's important to be an advocate for your own health. Ovarian cancer is often misdiagnosed as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and other non-gynae conditions as the symptoms are very similar. People who have ovarian cancer and are initially misdiagnosed have typically been back and forth to their doctor, and have struggled to be given a referral to a gynaecologist. The fact that all of your tests show normal ovaries, without cysts is very encouraging. Ovarian cancer is also much more common in women who have gone through the menopause (age 50 or so onwards). So the fact that you are young and your scans/tests are all clear is great. We aren't your doctors so can't give specific medical advice/instruction, but being overweight can cause back pain, although there are many other possibilities. High levels of stress and anxiety can cause the individual to be less interested in food and increase their need to go to the toilet, so this could be an explanation to your food/toilet issues.

Wishing you well,

Team Eve.


Hi today I went in for more severe pelvic pain and only other symptoms were frequent uti feelings but no uti. Anyways TVUS now shows small 2.3x1.8x1.9 complex cyst. I’m so freaked out. They did however want me to wait and see for 3 months as he thinks it’s a ruptured cyst that just looked really jagged looking. Not normal circle. Well me being me I couldn’t do that. So had him refer me out to obgyn oncoligst. So I’m now scared cause I’m thinking complex cyst are malignant.. why couldn’t it just be a simple cyst. Any tips or questions I should ask or what’s your thoughts.


Hi there,

As you're worrying a lot, it's really good that you have a ob/gynae referral sooner than originally recommended. The pain you have been experiencing could well be from the cyst if it has ruptured. Whilst complex cysts to have a risk of being cancerous, they are still much more likely to be benign (not cancer) than malignant (cancer). Complex cysts are not automatically malignant at all, so please don't convince yourself it is ovarian cancer as you will worry and get more distressed. Good luck with the appointment with your gynae doctor.

Best Wishes,

Team Eve