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Hi all

I was diagnosed with skin cancer on my vulva last November. I had a wide local excision to make sure it was all gone. Which it is. I’m suffering from terrible groin pain since and Consultant thinks it’s nerve damage. He’s ordering an mri. I’ve managed to get some decent pain relief today off my GP. I’m just struggling with all the emotions. It’s been hard I have two young kids and I can’t stop thinking that this could come back at anytime or what if there’s something more sinister on the mri.

I’ve no faith in my gynae team as they discharged me in January telling me I had mid cycle pain that was causing me agony.

Thanks for letting me vent.

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Get them to show and explain the results of mri. This will help if you really want to know what is what.

Take care


Hi there.

Thank you for your message. It sounds like you're going through an understandably difficult time at the moment. It might be worth asking your GP for referral to see a counsellor, so that you can have some support in dealing with these emotions. If you want to speak to your Gynae Nurse Specialist once you have your MRI results, please feel free to email

Best Wishes,

Team Eve


Thank you.



I also have had Vulva cancer.

I hope you had your mri by now .

Clare x


Thank you

I had MRI and it was clear. I’ve since been referred to a new team. I have AIN 3 and I’m waiting to see what the next course of treatment is regarding that. Pelvic pain is baffling everyone


Glad it was clear!

I have pelvis pain and just had scans, which were clear and say it’s probably scare tissue or nerve damage or my lymphedema lol

Are you on the Macmillan forum community? That’s good for advice


I think they may do a laparoscopy at the new hospital I’ve been referred to.

Thanks Clare. I’ve been in and out of Macmillan but now I know a bit more I might post in there.

It’s head wrecking because its such a taboo area x

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Yes it is, especially as it is rare ,there also fb closed groups.