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Help needed

Hi all, I am 45 years old I have suffered from heavy periods all my life, yet 7 months ago I started experiencing large clots, also I started suffering from fizzing/numbness constantly in my right leg, and constant lower dull back pain, along with bleeding in between my periods. I searched these and found they are all symptoms of advanced cervical cancer! I went to the doctors for a smear test and my results have just come back as High-grade dyskaryosis! I am convinced I have advanced cancer now and am awaiting a colposcopy in 3 weeks time. Did anybody else experience these symptoms before their test also? Any help/advice would be appreciated.

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Hi there.

Thank you for your message. We're sorry to hear that you're going through such a worrying and stressful time with this. Please do remember that high-grade dyskaryosis is not a cancer diagnosis, it may be that you have abnormal cervical cells (not yet cancerous) that need removing. We hope the next 3 weeks go quickly for you, so that you can get some answers during and after your colposcopy. If you would like to discuss the colposcopy results when they come back to you, with our Gynae Nurse Specialist, please do email us on nurse@eveappeal.org.uk

Best Wishes

Team Eve


Hi, Saravillar12. I can relate to the symptoms you noted: always heavy periods, then blood clots with heavy bleeding in-between periods. My dyskaryosis was confirmed to be pre-cancerous cells. I was 35 yrs. old at the time & referred to a gynecologist who ended up doing a partial hysterectomy, keeping my ovaries. During surgery, I was also diagnosed with endometriosis as to causing the uncontrollable heavy bleeding & clots. The surgery confirmed & got rid of the pre-cancerous cells too. After a 6 - 8 week recovery period, I've had no more related issues. It was a major surgery yrs. ago, ending up with a long scar but nowdays they tend to do laser surgery which is much less invasive, quicker, & very short recovery time leaving a tiny scar. Best gift I'd received in a while. I wish you success & a speedy recovery.