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Left too late

I wasn't to my GP after a very big bleeding, I was 70, he referred me to hospital immediately.

They left me bleeding for a year before giving a hysterectomy, bringing me back every three months, the gyane Dr advising me to DO NOTHING, it's only a fibroid.

Eventually he did the hysterectomy and yes, it was cancer, I knew it from the start and asked for the hysterectomy but was put off and delayed. I'm sure if they'd listened to me it would have been caught before it got bad, it had a whole year to develop after I had the bleeding, and the bleeding never stopped.

I eve had radiotherapy brachytherapy and chemotherapy, andif only they'd done the operation even six months earlier the cancer would have been caught really early or may not have turned to,cancer yet.

I'm so unhappy at being told to do nothing and sent away to wait for another six months. So we can only go to our GP who will send us to hospital then we are at the mercy of doctors who often do nothing until it's too late. Yet we are told constantly to go to the doctor if we get abnormal bleeding.

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Hi Val, how can anyone say it's just a fibroid. How can they know if it's cancerous or not if not tested. At the end of Oct 2014 I and 20 others had a fibroid removed. 18 needed no further treatment but one was cancerous and I was pre cancerous. I did not get my hysterectomy until Feb 2015 and by then my pre cancerous cells had changed cancerous so things can move quickly. How long since your op and what stage are you at


Hi marmalademountain. I'm finished all treatment and had to stop,the chemo as it was doing more damage than good to me, I had a really bad reaction to it. My latest scan was clear, so the cancer has gone, I have to have check ups every three months, my consultant said to keep my fingers crossed, and I know it can return any any time. It was called mmmt stage 2, the gynae doctor was not nice to me because I wanted a hysterectomy, he said it's only a fibroid and the advice was to do nothing, I felt he was very uncaring and I told him I play a big part in my family, helping with my grandchildren as my Daughter and her Husband work, I tried to get empathy from him but I knew he didn't care, after that I didn't see him but saw a member of his team. The cancer diagnosis was a shock as he'd told me it's only a fibroid. He now admits that I was left too long but says protocol was followed. I'm going to complain about how I was neglected as I feel I was left for cancer to develope, I even had my GP write and say I want a hysterectomy as I don't want to take the do nothing advice.

I now have problems with my bladder, and bowels, from the radiotherapy and brachytherapy, severe joint pains from the chemo, I had to be admitted each time because I was too weak to even stand up. I'm so angry st the neglect as I had to op and made a quick full recovery, if only I'd had it even six months earlier. I think I should seek counciling as in need to,talk about it and, my husband has serious health issues so I can't distress him any more than he has been. My last scan was June 27th, so I may improve now but I'm so weak, so tired from a year of treatment, also now worried about it returning. Thank you for your reply, sorry for my long reply I'm only now able to talk about how I feel.