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Discharge 7years after menopause

Hi there,

I had a hysterectomy 7 years ago when I was 40 years old. I have retained my ovaries, and my cervix. Past few months, I have been noticing a clear mucosa vaginal discharge, it's not offensive or painful. I doubt it's thrush as it is not even itchy. I have not been sexually active for at least five years so no chance of STD there. I have also noticed that my breast gets very tender for a few days too. Could I still be ovulation?

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Hi there,

Thank you so much for getting in touch with Eve. So, at the age of 47, you are not likely to be in the menopause (average age is 51). This means that yes, you have continued ovulation since your hysterectomy, the eggs you have produced will simply have been absorbed by the body (a natural process). So to cut a long answer to a short and simple one - yes you could still be ovulating. Your question about discharge - the description is not worrying but is a change from your norm. We suggest letting your doctor or nurse know when you next have a smear test.

However, if your next test isn't for a while and you would like reassurance sooner, then we suggest booking a separate appointment for peace of mind. If you would like to talk to our nurse in greater detail, please email or phone 0808 802 0019.

Best wishes

Team Eve


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