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Cysts, bleeding, colposcopy


Around 8 months ago I went to the GP with post-coital bleeding. My periods were getting very thick and clotted, I then had two completely black and dry (that's the only way I can describe it) periods, and they have been absent for the last 5 months. I'm 24.

I had an internal ultrasound that detected multiple small systems but all my hormone, thyroid, iron etc. tests came back clear so the GP said he couldn't diagnose me with PCOS.

The post-coital bleeding stopped after a couple of months (and I'm now single so can't reassess!) but I have also been having recurrent thrush (or so I think - lots of white discharge, on and off, but it's not itchy or painful or anything).

I'm finally going for a colposcopy tomorrow (after being told I was just being referred to the gynae) but can't help thinking they should be investigating the cysts more, since the GP knows that the bleeding stops.

Has anyone had a similar experience &/ have any advice?

Thanks in advance :)

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Hi there.

It's good to hear that you have an attentive GP, who is referring for a colposcopy simply to give you and him/her reassurance that all is well.

We suggest that once you have had your colposcopy and the results, you return to your GP to get an explanation and reassurance about your ultrasound results at the same time.

It is very normal for women to have small simple cysts in their ovaries.

If you would like to talk about this more, our Ask Eve Nurse is here to help. Email us on or call 0808 802 0019.

Best Wishes,

The Eve Team.


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