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Hello I'm shannon and I'm 20..I've got two beautiful kids,and I've got real bad health anxiety..anyway story short I always worry and I've asked for a smear test loads..but no no no..anyway my doctor checked down below the other day with a plastic thing to look at my cervix and she said it looked healthy..but for the last few days I've had like brownish discharge and now like bloody shows..and it's really worrying me..I don't no if it's me coming on my ladies slowly or what

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Hi Shannon,

Thank you for getting in touch with Ask Eve. The reason your doctor says no to the smear test is because up to the age of 25, we often get results that are not helpful, so after lots of research into this the NHS advisers suggest not to have a smear before 25, unless symptomatic.

It’s good that your doctor checked you with a speculum (the plastic brush), and it’s good that it looked healthy.

Are you due to come on your period? Then this would be normal. However, do you bleed in between your periods or after sex? If you are not expecting the bleeding and you are worried, you can speak with our specialist Nurse, Tracie, in confidence in a bit more detail. Please email us on nurse@eveappeal.org.uk or phone 0808 802 0019.

Best Wishes,

Team Eve.


Is it good then that she checked with one of them? I've been getting hell back ache..belly ache abit..been loosing brownish/blood ish discharge..I'm worried it's the c word x