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Bleeding after menopause

Hi, I have been bleeding now for approx 7 weeks, only light flow nothing heavy. I went to my doctors who said it was probably my coil which was no longer working (it had been in for approx 6 years) and made me an appointmen to have it removed.

This took place on Thursday where after 20 minutes she finally managed to remove it but failed to put in another as she couldnt attach it. She said that there should not be any bleeding as I should have gone through the menopause by now (I'm 54) and that I shouldnt be bleeding whether the coil was working or not.

I feel a bit stupid for not thinking that bleeding for 7 weeks was not abnormal - for some reason I just thought that it was all of the backlog from when I had not had a period!! (I feel stupid just writing that). I have now been on the internet and looked up bleeding after menopause has finished and see all different types of cancer stareing back at me! The doc did not seem overly concerned and said she wanted some blood taking but that is not for another two weeks. Am I being paranoid now or should I push for an earlier appointment or does this sound like I shouldn't be too worried as she would have seen something wrong when she examined me?

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Hi Khanks,

I can understand that you will be worried but please do go back and ask your doctor's opinion and ask for an earlier blood test in case you are anaemic. If you have been bleeding for 7 weeks you may well need at least need some iron tablets but these should be prescribed. You say it was light but opinions differ with blood loss. Have you been feeling dizzy, tired or weak?

Also, did your doctor examine your abdomen?

Of course you can ring Ask Eve helpline tomorrow too.

Wishing you all the best and hope it settles down for you.


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Thanks for the reply, I have been feeling incredibly tired but I have put that down to the fact that I am on morphene patches for the pain in my knee which is due to be replaced next month. The doctor did not examine me anywhere other than try to put the coil back in and just expressed concern about the bleeding.

To be honest I dont know if I have gone through the menopause or not as I have had the coil in for so long - just concerned now about all the cancers that may be the cause, and of course the fact that I should not have been bleeding for so long no matter how light!

My 85 year old mum had cancer of the womb five years ago and had to go through a full Hysterectomy but thankfully she is all clear now. She says that when they examined her they knew straight away that something was wrong and sent her to the hospital that day - so am I going over the top thinking this could be my problem too?

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Hi. Sorry to hear you are going through this worrying time. I began to bleed in January this year after having no periods or 'shows' for about 3 years. I had a Mirena coil fitted six and a half years before this bleed, to control heavy periods. I'm 58. My GP referred me as an urgent case and I was seen in a post menopausal bleeding clinic 2 weeks later. I scared myself silly by researching the cause of the bleed on the internet before my hospital appointment. In the end all was OK for me, no abnormalities were found and the coil was removed. I opted not to have it replaced as I was so sore and also hope I'm through the menopause so won't need it. I bleed for a week after having the coiL removed. I was so relieved to be given the all clear. Maybe you should go back to your GP and ask to be referred for tests just to be sure?



Hi Julie, that does put my mind at rest a little. This was also the Mirena coil which I had not problem with at all over the years. They managed to take it out on Friday and the bleeding has got heavier since then. I am having blood tests tomorrow but dont know if I should push for anything more or just wait to see if the tests bring back any cause for concern - did you have blood taken before they referred you?

I must admit that I have been permanently attached to the internet since Friday just searching for anything I can find - they say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!!

Thanks for the comments



Hi there,

Thank you for getting in touch with us.

Firstly, you are not at all stupid, your questions are very sensible and we respect your need for knowledge in this situation. You are quite correct: bleeding after the menopause is not normal. Of course, you may not have gone through the menopause, the average is 51 but we know of women who continue to have periods into their late 50’s. We wonder if your GP is doing bloods to check your menopausal status. Can we suggest asking for an earlier appointment so that you can talk to your doctor to allay your fears? And tell him/her that you are continuing to bleed, as she may want to request further investigations to reassure you.

If you would like to talk about this in more detail with our specialist gynae nurse, please phone 0808 802 0019 or email nurse@eveappeal.org.uk

Best Wishes,

Team Eve

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I am 61.I was having a discharge about three months ago so went to the doctors, swabbed but no infection. Then I had bleeding for the next 7 weeks. Saw the doctor 10 days ago who told me that as it was after the menopause they had to refer me to the hospital and you have to be seen within 2 weeks. Had a blood test on the Friday then got called last Monday as one of my results were wrong. Saw the doctor last Wednesday and it was the CA125 that had raised tumour marker or biomarker. should be 35 mine was 43. So now I am having a scan on Tuesday and hospital appointment on Wednesday. So will now have to wait to see what is causing the bleed. I would say that any unusual bleeding after menopause please get it checked out. It won't necessarily be cancer but could be caused by other problems.