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Nervous 😥


Hiya,I recently had my smear test,result have come back stating I have borderline changes ,also I have HPV infection,my fiancé & I been together for 6 years & neither of us has had any other sexual partners in that time. I did have genital warts when I was pregnant with my 1st child 29 years ago,but they disappeared literally days after he was born. My previous smear tests have been fine,can the virus still be in my system after all this time ?

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Hi there Terri,

We are so pleased you got in touch.

So you describe an HPV infection, we think you probably mean HPV changes on your smear result as well as the borderline changes reported. It means that yes as you say your body has a "memory " of the HPV you had some 29 years ago , it doesn't mean you have been reinfected . If you would like to talk about this and the borderline changes in more depth then please contact us at or phone 0808 802 0019.

Best Wishes,


The Eve Appeal Information Nurse

Hiya,Thankyou for getting back to me,the letter from the hospital did say there were borderline changes so they checked & I do have a hpv infection,im just confused as why after such a long time in showing positive ?

AskEveTeamAdministrator in reply to Terribayliss1

Hi Terri,

Please don't worry, it's very common for the HPV virus to lay dormant in the body for potentially years at a time and crop up on a test out of the blue. This is perfectly normal and doesn't mean you have acquired a new strand of HPV recently.

Again, contact us via email or phone if you need to discuss further.

All the best,

Team Eve.

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