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Abnormal bleeding


I have had the coil in place for the last 2 years, it has meant my periods are a little irregular but things did seem to settle down in the last 6 months. However I had a period about 2 weeks ago and then about 5 after it finished I started bleeding again. It's not heavy but I have needed to wear a pad and I am getting slight period type pains. The blood is bright red which worries me. I have made an appointment to see my GP on Monday but am feeling very anxious.

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It can be worrying when our period pattern changes can't it, especially when it's taken a time after having the coil fitted.

I know that you've mentioned you're going to see your doctor today (Monday), and we hope that they have been able to check you out and reassure you.

However, do give us a call at Ask Eve on 0808 802 0019 or email us at if you want to talk in confidence.

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Sorry, am very new to this site but joined as I am worried about irregular bleeding. I also have the coil, it's almost a year now and my periods are very irregular but over the past few weeks I have had exactly the same symptoms as you describe and also feel very worried. I was wondering how your appointment went and if you can offer any advice for when I finally manage to get through to my surgery to get an appointment. I hope it went well for you, I understand how you're feeling at the moment.



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