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Hi , I am 53 and think I have gone through the menopause , I had a coil fitted so am not too sure. I was advised that I had a polyps about 5 years ago.

I should have had a smear last year but didn't go due to personal reasons.i have not had any periods for at least 3 years but recently noticed that after having sex there was a slight amount of blood. I have since had period like pains and am now concerned about next steps .

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Hi there,

Thank you for messaging Ask Eve - at 53, no periods for three years you are right you have probably gone through the menopause. But you may not have , if your coil was the type that gave a slow release of progesterone that is another reason for periods stopping.

Can we suggest you go to your doctor to get this new bleeding checked out, it may be nothing to worry about , but important to get it checked . If you would like to speak in confidence to ASK Eve, please phone 0808 802 0019 or email

Best Wishes,

The Eve Team


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