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Advice please! Pelvic pain and swelling

Hi everyone

I'm new here so I apologise if this has already been asked - I am in need of advice

I have been suffering with lower abdomen pain and pelvic pain since the start of October last year. It feels an awful lot like period pains and this has now spread to my back on the tops of my legs. I did have bleeding and discharge in October and I was treated for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and an infection in my womb. An ultrasound found blood pooling in my womb too. I was put on antiobiotics and pain killers which seemed to work.

I was pain free for around 3 weeks and just before Christmas I have started with the pain again, but it's worse this time. My GP is treating again for PID although no tests have come back positive. All blood tests have come back positive but I am in more pain and last night I have started to bleed again.

My GP has booked me in for another ultrasound but should I be pushing for a different test? Is there a different test? My stomach is very swollen and nothing seems to be working

Any advice would be great

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Apologies - I meant to say that none of my blood tests have come back positive!


Hello there , it sounds like you have been having a miserable time.

As you can imagine it is impossible to give you clinical advice without examining you. It does sound as though your GP is running through the appropriate tests however.

Can we suggest you ask your GP to explain why they are treating you for PID if the tests are negative? Also it sounds as though you would also want to ask for stronger pain killers and describe that the pain is worse.

If you would like to talk to our specialist nurse, Tracie, please feel free to phone 0808 802 0019 or email

Best Wishes,

The Eve Team