Hi, I was wondering if I could get some advice!

I am 22 years old, I have been suffering with symptoms like painful sex, pain after sex, bleeding after sex, recurrent water infections and unexplainable weight lost.

My problem is I am only 22 and my GP said I cant have a smear test because of my age, is there any way of getting around it? just to put my mind at rest.

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  • Hi there ,

    Thank you for getting in touch - it sounds like you are having a miserable time. Can we suggest you go back to your GP, if your symptoms aren’t resolving then they need investigating.

    Would you like to talk to Ask Eve, our specialist nurse can listen and give you advice today ?

    If you email with your phone number and let us know when is a convenient time to talk, Tracie will give you a call.

    The Eve Team

  • Hi, Im currently having the same problems as you and I'm 20! Bloody nightmare isn't it, Ive been doing some research myself and you can pay for smear tests privately. It might cost a little but at least you can get an answer. Please don't ignore your symptoms and keep pushing for help!

  • I went to my GP too and I have been referred to a consultant gynaecologist, has this not been offered to you? I was only having post sex bleeding and I was referred, might be worth bringing it up, especially as you have more symptoms.

  • I went back to my GP today, I had to do a pregnancy test even though I knew I wasn't pregnant, I also have to have swabs done again before she can refer me to a specialist, very frustrating!

  • I would just keep pushing for the specialist, it's so weird how things work, hopefully they will eventually refer you and then you're in a better place, once you get to talk to a gynaecologist they take you a lot more seriously. I had swabs done by a gynaecologist a few weeks ago and she sent them off for a smear test to be done but she said that obviously because of my age, they might just not do it and throw them away (can you believe it?!), I'm waiting to find out. If they don't do the smear test, Im going to try and go privately.

  • Yeah I'm just going to keep pushing until I get the answers I need, aw good luck with all of it!!

  • You too!

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