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Advice following diathermy of cervix


Hi, first post here.

I've recently had a hysterscopy, diagnostic laparoscopy resulting in diathermy of the cervix. When I came round from surgery the gynaecologist said there was no issues with the outside of my womb (yay!) and said that all being well the cauterisation would stop the pain and excessive discharge I've been having for the past 3 years. And that was it. Only on my discharge notes from the hospital it said 'GP for colorectal referral '

Could anyone clarify this for me please as the nurses couldn't explain and the small amount of research I've done online has not been very reassuring. I know that you should take 'Dr Google' with a MASSIVE pinch of salt but I'm curious as to what the surgeon has seen or whether he's just exploring more options to find a root cause to my pain (which feel like contractions/spasms in my cervix)

Any comments or advice would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance xxxx

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Hello there , we are so pleased to hear that your gynaecologist was able to give you reassuring news.

It’s curious your surgeon didn’t tell you he is asking your GP to make a colorectal referral. You are probably right and your surgeon is suggesting this referral for completeness to explore your pelvic pain. We agree ‘Dr Google ‘ can be less than reassuring , can we suggest you ask to see the referral letter sent from your surgeon to your GP , either by phoning your surgeons secretary or by phoning your GP.

Please do contact us at Ask Eve on 0808 802 0019 or if you would like to talk this through.

Best Wishes,

The Eve Team

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