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Signs and symptoms of cervical cancer


My name is Kate and I am studying A Level health and social care. For one of my units I am looking at cervical cancer because my Gran had it. For my coursework I have to first look at the signs and symptoms of cervical cancer. I have found that some signs and symptoms are a single swollen leg,

abnormal vaginal bleeding (during or after sex, between periods), unusual vaginal discharge, post-menopausal bleeding, weight loss, lower back pain or pain in side

, leg pain, pain during sex, pain in pelvis, unpleasant smelling vaginal discharge, tiredness, uncomfortable or irregular urination and incontinence but I was wondering if anyone knew why these signs and symptoms exist? What causes them?

Thank you.

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Hi Kate,

Well done you for helping to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of cervical cancer. You have a long list of signs and symptoms from your research. Can we suggest that you make contact with Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust? They are experts in this field and will provide you with all the information you need.

Forum Helpline: 0808 802 8000

Or please do give our Eve Appeal nurse specialist a ring on 0808 802 0019 or email

With very best wishes ,

The Eve Team.