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Weird bleeding at 55

Hi all

I'm new here so not quite sure what to tell you but.............

I've still been having regular periods averaging 28 to 30 days between them, very heavy for the first couple of days but then easing of, pretty much the same as periods since I was 15! I was diagnosed with endometriosis in my late 20's but then went on to have two children in my mid 30's without any medical intervention. For the last few years (maybe 3 or 4years) I have been having a lot of lower abdominal pain for the two weeks before I actually start bleeding. I went back to the GP and had ultra sound diagnosing small fibroids but was told they were only 3-5mm so not worth treating. The pain is mostly manageable but sometimes I need Ibruprofen. Finally from June to September I didn't have a period, whoopee I thought the menopause is here! I then had two periods at exactly 28 days apart. A week after I finished the last one I then had a some more light bleeding (now stopped and no not related to sex or strenuous exercise) and I'm fed up!! Should I be worried about the extra bleeding? should I go back to the GP again? any advice would be good as I feel like a raving hypochondriac! thanks xx

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Hi Lilacsylivie,

Thank you for writing to Ask Eve.

It's reassuring that the scan says your pain is not due to ovarian cancer, it's also reassuring your story sounds like a woman who is entering menopause, but frustratingly your GP will need to examine you and listen to your history to be sure.

Please contact us on or 0808 802 0019 if you have any more questions.

Best Wishes,

The Ask Eve Team

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