Welcome community!

My name is Suman and I’m one of the founders of Doctify (https://www.doctify.co.uk). We are based in London which is where I grew up, did my clinical training and now work as a surgeon. Being in this exciting city full of new innovation and technology was definitely a major inspiration for why Stephanie and I decided to start Doctify back in 2014.

I wanted Doctify to be a way of connecting doctors to patient in a more personal and transparent way. Since we’ve been working with so many great and well-respected specialists, we thought why not share their medical expertise to as many people as possible. The perfect platform seems to be HealthUnlocked as you, the community members, are extremely active and support one another very well.

Here’s a video if you’re interested in finding out what Doctify does:

I hope you make full use of the expertise available and make this a vibrant community!



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