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Very painful

For the past few days my right foot has hurt like hell. It’s been very red on the top. I’ve had my shoes and sock off my feet since getting home from work. I’ve not had any shoes on and it’s still very very red. I’m wondering what I should do when my foot feels this way. I don’t go to my family doctor til next Monday. It do too me what should I do other than just stay off my painful foot. Here’s a pic so you can see what the m talking about. I do have arthritis in both of my feet, but my right seems to be the worst right now. It hurt all the way to the bottom where my ankle is. To give you a general idea. Like I said what should I do?

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Have you tried hot and cold therapy?you will have to wait for gp to advise. Are you on any pain meds?


Hi Amk31, No I’m not on any type of pain meds right now for it. I’m waiting to see what my go will tell me when I see him Monday. Shoes only make it worse with exception of my moccasins I have. Plus stand for 8 hrs at work isn’t helping me either. As you can see it’s very red. Today it’s puffy on the top. I’m tempted to ware my moccasins to work tomorrow instead of my Skechers shoes to see it it helps or makes a difference on the hard floor . I know I probably should stay off of it as much as I can , after tomorrow I can . I don’t work on the weekends. I’m wondering if getting around on crutches if it would help it over the weekend. I do have a pair of crutches if I need to use them to stay off that foot when I need to get around. But today it’s definitely puffy all the way to my toes. Oh and I haven’t soaked it in hot or cold water yet nor have I tried it as of yet. I’m curious how it will be tonight.


Just see what the gp says. However, half the time they haven't a clue. Unless you are in pain, no one has a clue what it is like.

I think a lot of people are on cbd oil. Would you consider this?that's a long time to be on your feet. No other way for desk job.. I'm lucky I've a desk job and have a little shatsiu masaager and use it when needed. I feel like ive a body of an OAP now.

I find those freeze gels and heat gels very good to use.

Have you been referred to a pain management clinic or consultant. I will be referred once I will be able to go. I have read about different types of injections which can be offered. I am in chronic pain due to being knocked down by car last year.

I have also been reading that researchers in Cambridge have completed a lot of research on osteoathritis and a potential injection. Now the question is how long it will take to be FDA approved etc or if it works.

From what I led to believe only joint replacement can try fix.the problem but not every joint can be replaced etc. So something needs to be done.


Amk31, From what be read OA can effect the mid foot area of the persons foot. The last resort is a fusion. Witch in that case f it gets to that I’ll definitely be on crutches then plus a leg cast below the knee for about 8 to 10 weeks. Let’s hope mine doesn’t get that bad. Im at home now and am trying to rest my right foot while I can. Plus I have my moccasins on too. Last time I brought up have pain in my same foot to my go he said it was planters Fasciitis. That’s eased up. But now this is going on with the top of the same foot. From the bottom of my ankle all the way to my toes. It hurts to try and been my toes right now if that tells you anything.


Did you twist or hurt your foot before this happened?I'm not too sure plantar fasciitis would cause it to go red.

Other options is try massage gently your foot and get a tennis ball gently roll your foot over it to see if that helps. If you do both for few mins. It may relieve tension. You Are on your feet a lot so that could contribute to it or your gait could be affecting your posture. You have back problems as well?

I've tried rolfing which helped certain areas of body. I have also been.suggested to wear orthodontics in shoes but I tend to wear v good shoes. However you said shoes hurt your feet. So once feet are less painful, I would try these.

I would inquire about possible injections etc with gp.

Most of time gps will say go to physio so you probaly get that.

Last thing any one wants surgery unless absolutely necessary and get second opinion.


Ank31, No. haven’t twisted or rolled my foot at all but last night was the reddest I’ve seen it in a long time. The osteoarthritis is in my spine as well. So I do at times have problems there. I had said in one of my responses to you that my moccasins seem to be the only thing that to keep my feet comfortable. I have a couple of pair that are pretty stylish. Even though it’s supposed to be almost 80 here tomorrow I am considering on waring them tomorrow for the day. Believe I or not several people ware there’s where I work. So I think I can get away with it for at least tomorrow. I’ll see how my foot feels in the morning and go from there on deciding what shoes I ware tomorrow. I actually drove to work in my moccasins this morning then switched to my Skechers after getting there. I was more comfortable in the moccasins that I was n the others I had switched to and was wishing I never had changed into the ones I had on. To be honest I think I need to be referred to a good foot doctor instead of a physical therapist. Besides what can a physical therapist do for something like this? But who’s knows I’m not a doctor either.



I have arthritist on tops of both my feet, it may be imflamation that can be caused by heat and being on your feet to long. What I do is get the shower head put it on cold water and direct it at my feet, or get a bowl of cold water and stand in it making sure your feet are fully immersed. I also take ibuprofen which helps the imflamation. You can also buy Freeze Jell on ebay cheap athletes use it, I rub this on my feet at night this also helps with the pain. Hope this helps until you see the GP


Hope you get a good doctor as well and start to feel better.


Minnie when my back is bothering me from the arthritis I have in my spine I’ll get in the shower. I haven’t done it for when my feet hurt though. My right foot is worse than my left is. It’s hurt all week this week.


I also have problems with my spine and find that the shower helps, try just standing in the shower and spraying your feet with cold water it will help bring the swelling down as you can direct it to where the pain is, a bowl of cold water is just as good as you can just keep your feet in it.


Minnie I’m constantly feeling it in my spine as well and fear what it’ll do to me down the road in the future.


I would definitely get in to see a Podiatrist. You may have gout, which is a form of arthritis. My husband gets gout and his foot gets very red and painful. He always has a prescription of Colchicine in the house because he never knows when it will strike.

Good luck !!



Good morning Sue , I was wondering if it was my osteoarthritis that I was diagnosed with 4 years ago that was acting up. My gp hasn't tested me for gout yet. A lot of us that have one form of arthritis has a second form as well. I've only been told that I have OA. OA , RA and psoriasis runs in my family's history. I always have had problems with my feet though even as a child when I was growing up. Some days I feel it through my ankle as well. Like your husbands mine gets very painful too. Especially in my hands like it has been this week all week long. My hands have been tiring out after holding lite things for less than a minute. I feel it through both of my wrist as well. Have a good weekend Sue. Jason


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