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Knee replacement Pain


My hubby is in so much pain after knee replacement op. When does it start to ease. I feel so useless as all i can do is hand over the pain killers which do no good at all.

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Hi Lucydog,

Your comments say it all. I had a partial knee replacement, right knee, medial compartment in early Nov 2015. I guess I had post op pain for some 2 to 3 weeks, then it got better. Back driving my manual car in 8 weeks and back at work bus driving at 11 weeks.

How long ago was hubby's op ?

To be honest the first 2 weeks were dire and I was drugged outta my mind. I have a heart arrythmia and so am on warfarin and so my pain relief was very, very restricted. I survived on ( here in Britain) CoCodomol 30/500 - prescription grade pain relief.

That said ..... I guess hubby was given exercises to do post op, some will need to be done lying down some will need to be done standing. Do not skimp on the pain relief, keep the pain under control, scoff down the neck the pain relief tablets or whatever, but still push ahead with exercises. Essential to do those exercises.

I was in hospital 3 days, then home. Then another 14 days I went to my local GP practice nurse for dressing removal. Then a week or so after that I went to my sports injury massage therapist for the incision line and surrounding area to be massaged. This is essential and is aimed at preventing scar tissue forming within the operated area. More scar tissue, more inability to exercise properly the harder it is to heal.

Bear in mind we all heal at different rates.

Oh yes, and don't rush to get off your crutches, I used them and gradually weaned myself off them so that by 8 weeks I was crutches free.

youTube has videos of exercises to do post op. You may find these useful.

If you wanna know anything else get back to me.

Good luck to hubby.



So sorry to hear that he is in so much pain.I had a TKR last April 2018. I was in pain for over two months before it got any better. I am 10 months out and I need ibuprofen peroidically for the inflamation all around my knee. It is painful when I go up or down stairs or move it wrong when Im sleeping, which wakes me up. I had an evaluation a month ago at the Veterans Hospital in Madison, WI, and all they could offer was to give it more time to heal and come back in 9 months. If I knew then what I know now, I would not have had this operation. I am alergic to nickel and wonder if Im allergic to the metal they used. I hope he finds relief soon. Pain is hell to go through.

I had my TKR in November, 2018. It seemed like for the first two weeks I would ice it 3 or 4 times a day (maybe more!). And whenever possible, I would keep my leg elevated above my hip. That was much easier than above my heart. Once I started my exercise program, I would always ice afterwards. Good luck with this! It does get better but it is a slow process. Don’t compare yourself with others because we all heal at different paces.

Thank you all for your comments. Its a relief to know that although he is in a lot of pain that this is normal. He had his op a week ago now. Was a very active 65 yr old reduced to very disabled in a matter of a 5hour op that was only meant to take 2 and half hours. He is excersing everyday with only paracetemol as pain killer and ibrufpen both of which also make him ill. Problem is also he has had polmyalgia and all other painkillers make him very very poorly. Hope you are all well.

I had a full knee replacement in 2015, they kept in for 4 days, drugged up then I went to stay with a friend for 3 weeks who handed over pain killers daily and I had a wheelchair to go to GP. She made me walk about the house and do exercises and rest. I was walking with a stick at 7wks but still taking lots of painkillers which worried the GP so I was put on a pain patch which I still wear due to the other knee going to be replaced . The first knee is still not quite right, still tender but works well but doesn't bend as well as it should. It is now 2yrs ish and it supports my weight and I go cycling but no running due to other knee.

Take your your time, the knee tendons take a little while to heal, a bit longer than a hip or elbow. Good Luck

Hi Lucydog,

Give my regards to Hubby, I had my replacement 2 weeks ago and it hurt... get those painkillers down his neck, and do not be afraid to ask Doc for stronger ones. Did he get a cryo-cuff when he left hospital? If he did, use it, all the time, every day, icing really helps.

My pain is just starting to subside as the swelling is starting to go down a bit.

Doing the exercises is essential and I have definitely skipped doing them when they hurt, so I have asked my family to nag me.

That being said, tkr is a major operation, so he is bound to feel pain, but I for one wasn't quite prepared for how much muscle pain I am getting. The only thing that helps the muscle pain is heat, so it's a bit of a balancing act.

5 weeks after his op still has some swelling when he does too much. He has now turned the corner and being more active. To celebrate I have booked our Holiday YAY

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