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RA and ? Broken wrist

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Hello everyone, I fell on to my right wrist 2 weeks ago . Pain wasn't too bad but could not grip with thumb and the part of wrist known as the "snuff box area " very very tender .

Didn't go to A and E until 4 days after . X ray showed negative for scaphoid fracture however was warned that this was usual for a scaphoid type injury and as I'd been examined by two Drs who were very unhappy with the swelling and shape of wrist plastered it .

I had a follow up appt last Friday and the x ray repeated . The orthopaedic chap said that I was very tender and again passed all the tests for scaphoid fracture and move to restricted to " typical scaphoid restrictive movement "

He looked at the x ray and said that there was a lot of inflammation on the film over the scaphoid and thumb and " debris" which wasn't there on the initial x ray 14 days ago . He then said he wasn't sure if it was an RA flare , ( but the is pain different to RA) ,soft tissue or a scaphoid fracture or RA joint damage as he couldn't clearly see the break as there was too much going on aroun and over the scaphoid .

I'm in a proper plaster now and will be seen in four to six weeks , if pain continues then it's an MRI scan but wasn't told what would happen if pain went .

I'm a confused as my Rheumy who I saw a week ago is pleased with my progress re the RA minus a tendon issue in my ankle and gave me a cortisone shot and I'm in an air cast boot!

The orthopaedic chap was lovely, but didn't seem to have a clue .

I'm posting really to gather my thoughts as I feel confused and I'm not asking for a diagnosis either ,but I'm in a great deal of discomfort , feel exhausted and wondering what the heck is going on .

I want to phone my rheumy and ask him to look at the x ray film but I know that's not an option .

Has anyone had a similar type of thing happen to them ? Would you mind sharing if so , or have had anything similar ?

Yours in discomfort and confused ,

Becky x

Ps on prednisone , been on that for 18months, leflunomide methotrexate and Tramadol and paracetamol.

5 Replies

Usually your Cray is computerised, so it would be eminently possible for your rheumatologist to view it.

Hope things calm down soon

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X-ray of course!!!


Thanks for the reply , I'm treated in two counties ( long story) , but I think consultant has password so he could look at it.

I also have my left ankle in an air boot. The rheumy con put a steroid injection in to the ankle tendon . That's not settling either .

I'm a little fed up at the moment .


The NHS system is supposed to be accessible to medical professionals UK wide now , doesn't mean it always works , but your consultant should be able to access it as hatsheput says . Good luck and I hope you feel better soon :)


I have a follow up appt on Friday.

The letter from the orthopaedic chap said that although the X-ray is unclear clinical findings suggest it is indeed broken . I'm to be re xrayed if there isn't a break on X-ray then it's scan time via MRI .

I'm still in considerable discomfort and it's 6 weeks since I've been in a cast .

My hand is visually swollen and my wrist / scaphoid area is in still some discomfort .

The injection in my tendon worked for a week but now I'm back to square one .


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