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allergic to my knee replacement

after 8 months after my first tkr, im still not walking, and the muscles are weak and keep buckling when i try to walk. im still in pain, feels like bee stings all over the knees. my arms are weak, cant lift the kettle or the milk out of the fridge .... have decided ive had enough of waiting to recover, i joined the gym thinking this would strenghthen the weak muscles around the knee but after months of working hard to help myself im just in more pain and getting weaker. yesterday i rung the hospital and he asked me if im allergic to nickel. YES i am. i did tell him this 8 months ago before i had the surgery it seems the metal in the new knees is cobalt, that has small amounts of nickel in it. so, the upshot after a blood test next week it looks like i have to go through it all again! i would love to hear from anyone that has been through this....... i could cry.

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When I had my THR, I was asked about this and had Titanium parts used because I have a slight problem with nickel.

Best wishes for your revision surgery.

Good information here from Exeter:-

"We explored the literature surrounding whether allergy and hypersensitivity has a clinical

basis for implant selection in total knee arthroplasty (TKA). In error, the terms

hypersensitivity and allergy are often used synonymously. Although a relationship is

present, we could not find any evidence of implant failure due to allergy. There is however

increasing basic science that suggests a link between loosening and metal ion production.

This is not an allergic response but is a potential problem. With a lack of evidence logically

there can be no justification to use ‘hypoallergenic’ implants in patients who have preexisting skin sensitivity to the metals used in TKA.


thats just gobbledeedook to me.... dont understand what it means


This case sounds exactly like you.

Metal Hypersensitivity after a Total Knee Arthroplasty:

A Case Report:-

" Patient was found to be reactive to nickel, which is a common alloy, used in most total knee arthroplasty implants.

Patient was then scheduled for revision to a nickel free, Oxinium (Smith & Nephew) total knee arthroplasty implant."


very interesting , thanks pete....

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I am really interested in your story, as two and a half years ago I had a hip replacement, and i am in more pain with it now than before I had the surgery, I will ask my consultant if I may have the same sort of trouble with the material my hip is made of , I hope you have a successful end to your knee, best wishes Jacqui


I had s femoral knee replacement 11 years ago and it has never been right would drop me at the slightest thing could only get it done privately because of age and at time was married and my ex had BUPA but have been fighting for help since but so far nothing but things have now got much worse seeing the consultant on the 17th July but daren't hold my breath my other knee is giving me lots of problems also have OA in hips and hands having surgery on left hand for second time on 10th August. But been on Morphine for over 10 years now slow release pills and oromorph for breakthrough pain along with other meds now 55 had knee problems since I was 14 got worse and worse over the years then went to OA in hips and hands. Now my left hip knee and ankle are so painful and blow up had a job going to the bathroom the other night as my leg just didn't want to hold me at all. Forever being told too young. Where is the quality of life I am totally isolated and scared to go out alone because I've had falls.


Hello mollyandmaisie - we are so sorry to hear of the struggle with your replacement. We wish you all the best with your second go and send you positive energy to persevere with the next replacement.

All the best,

Arthritis Action Communications Team

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