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undiagnosed post natal psychosis

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hello :)

I’ve just come to the realisation that I may well of suffered post natal psychosis, I was originally re-admitted (4 days postpartum)with symptoms of sepsis, but had no temperature, I was then told I had PTSD and Anxiety, and treated with Propranolol. Can I still be effected 14months postpartum to some degree? I mostly feel ok, but still feel agitated and overwhelmed at times. I just worry if I did have psychosis and it wasn’t treated, would I still show mild symptoms?

4 Replies
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Hello Teeniex,

Welcome to the forum :) My name’s Jenny and I’m one of the peer support coordinators at Action on Postpartum Psychosis (APP).

I’m sorry to hear you may have suffered from postpartum psychosis, we all know what a frightening illness it is to go through.

I had PP after my first son was born in 2012 - I was completely detached from reality, believing and hearing things that weren’t real or there. I spent a month in a mother and baby unit and was treated with antipsychotic medication. I know everyone’s experience is different and some women go a long time without being diagnosed or receiving the right treatment which is why we work so hard as a charity to raise awareness.

I’m not a clinician but know there is a spectrum of postnatal mental illnesses, and diagnosis and treatment will partly depend on the symptoms experienced and how those symptoms respond to treatment. It might be helpful to read the information about PP on our website and there is also a collection of personal stories. You could perhaps try and discuss this with your GP (or mental health team if you are under the care of such a team), especially if you are concerned you’re still experiencing symptoms and the impact of your illness - I know there are different treatments and therapies that people find helpful for different aspects and effects of their experiences, talking therapies for example. You mention PTSD and anxiety which can also be extremely debilitating, and I do hope you’ve received / are receiving support for this - there can be so much trauma involved which can take a long time to process.




I hope this is helpful, and that you’re doing ok. Do ask any questions - we're here to listen and support through our shared experiences 💜

Best wishes,


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Hi Teeniex

I went through this horrible illness last year and when I had the symptoms I was completely dysfunctional and didn’t realize what was going on. I could not even read anything properly (forget writing), could not communicate properly, could not take care of the kids or myself etc. So I think it would be difficult to pinpoint that you are going through PP when you’re actually having the symptoms (delusions, hallucinations etc). But that was just my experience .

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Welcome to the forum and sorry you were poorly, I was diagnosed with PPP in 1995, with my first child.. I really feel there are overlaps, between birhtrauma, Postpartum PTSD and postpartum psychosis.. I am sure that I had all 3 and one thing led to the others.. I was treated for PPP, though so much trauma was left untreated until now.. the psychosis is only a part of being unwell.. it is a very traumatic experience in itself. Are you getting any therapy for PTSD? From my experience PTSD does take time to recover from and therapy rather than medication seems to work.. as with PPP is is a long journey, I would suggest maybe to talk with your health team with your concerns, it isn't going to hurt to query things as it is a journey to try to make some sense of it all, maybe see if you can have access to the medical notes, they may have ruled out psychosis.. I think birth trauma and PTSD is quite new, it didn't seem to be recognised when I was unwell.

I hope you find answers, take care x

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I am so sorry to read that you had sepsis I am sure that that wasn't a nice experience. Sometimes infections can cause havoc with our body systems.

You mentioned being agitated. Do you know what is causing the agitation ?

I got involved with APP 2 years ago. I experienced Post Partum Psychosis myself . It is brilliant that you have connected in here thats brilliant . Did you have a conversation with your GP to discuss your agitation and how you are now?

APP has been a fantastic suppport for myself. Sending you lots of love ..


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