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PPP for a second time

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hi ladies,

For any of you that had ppp a second time, did you notice the symptoms in yourself? Did you recognise that you were getting ill? Or was it more your partner/ family/ health care professionals that picked up on it?

Thank you in advance for any replies x 😊

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Good afternoon Summerflowers44, hope you are well . I never had PP The second time round but I did develop postnatal depression ;I was able to identify that my mood was dipping on the low side and was able to address this to my perinatal nurse at the time .

Kind regards

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Summerflowers44 in reply to Butterfly93

hi Butterfly93, thanks for your reply. Sorry to hear you had postnatal depression, I had it after the mania and psychosis had worn off and in some ways it was worse than the psychosis I think.

I’m glad you were able to get help so quickly. I guess it’s a plus when all of the health care professionals involved are aware of your history and can act quickly if needed. X

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.hi Summer flowers 44, nice to chat to you. I'm a volunteer at APP. I had pp after the birth of my twin girls in 2016 and a non pregnancy related episode in 2018. When I had my second episode it started with familiar intense paranoia and time gapping for me. It followed staying in hospital with my daughter and getting very little sleep and being extremely stressed.

When I felt symptoms coming on I drove home and rang crisis them my mbu for advice. I had a psychiatrist call me back and was advised to restart my meds. I stayed at home with support from a cpn and stayed on the meds for 3 months.

An awareness of my triggers and symptoms definitely helped me identify that things weren't right and seek help fast. Also cos I'd had psychosis previously I felt I was taken more seriously by the Dr's. I'm sorry I've not read your full story but I hope that helps a bit. Take good care of yourself xx

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Hi hgallo, thanks for your reply and sharing your experience with me. It’s really helpful to know that you recognised the signs a second time around. I’m so worried that I wouldn’t. I was completely out of my mind the first time, it happened very suddenly and intensely and all came to a head around a week later when I called all of the emergency services and told them my partner had kidnapped our baby (he was actually sitting in the car with the baby because of my crazy behaviour) .. then I was sectioned the next day. It was nearly 13 years ago but it’s still pretty terrifying to think about really, still trying to get my head around the idea of it happening again. x

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Interesting, I have had psychosis twice with a long gap inbetween. Fortunately I had told my husband about my medical history. He was the one that realised I needed help 9 days after my daughter was born. He called our GP and they got me into the MBU. I think I was in denial but co-operative as soon as I realised I had it again.

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I had pp after births of both children, less severe the second time as was kept a close eye on by health professionals and family.

First time spent time in MBU with baby and second time was admitted to local hospital mental health ward without baby. I sort of noticed signs but tried to ignore.

Also last bout was 23 years ago but have a couple of depression episodes since. Currently going through the menopause and have depression just hope don’t have a relapse as can happen.

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I had psychosis with both my children. Then went 20 years without anything. Since I hit 50 and the menopause started I have had 4 episodes. Luckily I have a husband that recognises the signs as unfortunately I have no idea until I start coming out of it. The doctor has now put me on Hrt and at the moment I feel like myself again. Fingers crossed it stays that way. It's awful what we women have to suffer.

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Rachel_at_APPPartner in reply to Chesterjackson

Hello Chesterjackson,

Gosh I’m so sorry that you’ve had a hard time again since the menopause. It’s amazing to hear that your husband is really supportive and able to help spot signs of you becoming poorly. And also good to hear you’ve been supported with medication via your doctors.

When I was really poorly with PP my husband reiterated that he’d be there in sickness and in health, it meant so much. As experiencing what we all have is really really something else isn’t it.

Take care, and thank you for sharing your experience.

Rachel x

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Thank you. X

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