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Can you asked to be induced at 37 weeks after past post natal psychosis?

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I moved home in November and live away from the hospital, I'm very anxious about going into labour and everything going wrong at not making it there.

Could I ask to be induced at 37 weeks?

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Evening J496,

I hope you're all settled in your new home after the move last year.

How many weeks pregnant are you? Congratulations, I hope you're feeling well otherwise apart from the anxiety? So sorry you're feeling that way.

I had PP with my first baby in 2016, and had my second baby just last year so I can empathise with the feeling of anxiety around the birth. I was just very very aware that I didn't want to get too tired in the latter weeks. We're also not around the corner from the hospital, so I get the concern about not making it in time.

Have you had chance to speak with your midwife about these concerns and worries? I found my midwife support to be very good, and together with them I was able to make a birth preferences list about the labour. Things about pain relief, induction, sleep in the weeks ahead of the baby arriving etc. Do you have the support of a Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Team too? They will also be able to support you and help you to figure out the best plan for both you and the baby.

I don't know about whether or not you would be able to be induced at 37 weeks, only your medical professionals will be able to answer that for you. You've probably already read the NHS website about induction if you're in the UK, but here is the link just in case:

Take care of yourself, and write here anytime if its helpful.

Rachel x

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Hi J496,

Congratulations on your pregnancy. How far along are you? Like you I had pp in 2018. I am currently on the third trimestre with my second baby.

Are you under a perinatal mental health team at the moment? If not I would suggest to get a referral to them either through your gp or your hospital on which you are booked to give birth.

I can understand the anxiety around the birth, it is a huge thing specially if the previous experience was traumatic or not what you expected at all. The onset of pp was close to the birth for me and I am aware that I was relieving a lot of it through my psychosis.

One thing your perinatal team could do is request your birthing hospital for is a birth options chat. This is usually arranged with senior midwives where they can discuss the pros and cons of various birthing alternatives. I am attending one of those next week as I am going to have to go down the route of induction or planned c-section before 40 weeks, I have gestational diabetes.

It is important to bring forth your concerns when you see your midwives again and get some additional information. You should also be invited to a birth planning meeting on week 30+ where your birth preferences should be noted as well as plans for preventitive medication, postnatal health visitor and CPN visits, provision for side room at the hospital and/or support with overnight feeding to help protect your sleep.

I think is a normal reaction to be worried when being pregnant at higher risk of pp, it is a lot to take on, honestly. But many mums in the forum for which pp did not happen again in subsequent pregnancies are testimony that with the right measures in place, it is possible to prevent it.

Take good care J496, I wish you all the best in your pregnancy and birth, write here or privately if you prefer for any questions or concerns you may have.

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Hello J496

I hope you are well. Just wondering if you have been able to talk to your care team about the possibility of being induced at 37 weeks to allay your fear of going into labour at home?

Take care and try to rest as much as you can.

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Hi J496,

How are you doing? Hope you have been able to talk to your hospital about the possibility of induction and that they have been able to offer some reassurance.

We are here for whatever you need

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