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When a fearful vision of Puerperal Psychosis become the reality

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I am getting in touch, because since the birth of my son in 2015, my life turned upside, down. I have suffered from puerperal psychosis. and the interpretation of the "visions or hallucinations" that I had, have came my life experienced.

But this is extremely fearful, because it was related to sexual abuse, mental health and financial issue towards myself... And losing my son for good.

I also understand that I may easer be a coercive control woman, or been a victim from it which resulting in having those symptoms.

Since that experience of change of vision, voices, and smell. I have felt some changes in my brains.

I often feel disconnected, and as if my brain was spinning, which is very unpleasant. I really don't know what triggers those feelings. I can notice when I am in the state and it can last for a week on and off.

I have also experienced a feeling of cool liquid moving in my brain, as if it was water.

On a different occasion, I have felt a very strong feeling of heat above my head and left foot. This sensation felt as if it was the heat when I could put my hand close to my cheek, which generate heat, but far more powerful.

My main concern is the spinning sensation and leaving a fearful vision, that I couldn't stop so far.

I am looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

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Hi dear CindyAdelaide! So sorry for you. I could think of senestopathy...May this be the case?en.housepsych.com/senestopa...

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Hi Cindyadelaide

So sorry to hear that you are experiencing these distressing symptoms a number of years after you first had postpartum psychosis.

Do you have any support from health professionals at the moment? You mention you are having some CBT but I wonder whether additional support to look at medication options with your GP/family doctor or psychiatrist would be helpful?

I am really glad you have reached out to the community here at APP for support. Please don’t suffer in silence - I hope you are able to be in contact with your doctor or mental health team soon to seek advice and treatment for these distressing symptoms.

Take good care, Naomi x

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Hello Cindyadelaide,

pleased to meet you on this forum and for being so brave in sharing your experience.

Do you have a support system in place such as health professionals, friends and/or family members you can trust?

I am so sorry for your suffering. Yes, as Naomi already mentioned, do not suffer in silence.

I share my compassion for you, even though our circumstances are different.

I have had PPP in 2010 and have had no "reasonable/appropriate care" in a Psychiatric hospital. Once in my sanctuary I recovered from PPP, but continued with psychotic accounts. These were caused by extreme stressors, because of loosing my dad under very extreme circumstances, followed by mum in law.

Throughout the last 10 years I was looked after by my partner and very much cushioned in my own sanctuary at home. I improved gradually, but have sensory processing issues and anxiety, which finally had been diagnosed as part of having Bipolar1.

It is so important to be able to communicate, with like minded females on this forum. I was so lonely deep down, but gradually recovered from my Insomnia and learning important tools in order to manage my chronical condition.

Take good care of yourself. x

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