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A song about my wife’s ppp

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Hi there!

So i wrote a song for my wife’s ppp.

The song has some facts that my wife said she had experienced early on her episodes.

I am really shy when it comes to these things but i thought i’d share it anyway.

Hope it helps or brighten your day a little.

I haven’t really thought a title but i suppose that “A ppp love story” is appropriate.

“What if i told you, i saw God

And asked me if i’ve followed the desciples path

Was i good or i’ve been bad

What have i done with my gift in time

That was the question asked to me

That made me doubt my own reality

Was it epiphany or just a trick

Only to make me see

Are you still there for me?

Are you trying to climb this wall with me?

Will you be my little crutch?

For all i know, love is always what you are

I’ve fell to many times

In this dark well my mind has sunk

But all this time i saw a light

You were a beacon shining bright

Now i fear for the unknown

And gasp to cope with what i’ve known

This ain’t a test

This is my life

F*ck you psychosis

I’m gonna shine!

What i need is in my arms

What i hope is reach the stars

What i fear is now a dream

Whats goin’ on?

I’m free!!”

Dedicated to Sofia my wife..


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Hi GeorgeThank you so much for sharing this song with us, I love it.

The love, light and hope shines through :)

Thank you.



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I think that is brilliant and will resonate with a lot of us

Hi GeorgeKol

Thanks so much for sharing your song, it's beautiful.

I write poems occasionally too, so know how brave it is to choose to share it with others! I find it so therapeutic to get thoughts down in that way, I find it helps me to access my emotions in a different way somehow.

I hope you and your wife are doing OK, in this up and down journey of PP...

Ellie X

Good morning Ellie!

That’s the catch.. I don’t write songs or poems.. It just came to my mind as i was taking a shower.

And who knows. Maybe i’ll write some music for it someday!

Take care!


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