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I have been dismissed on the grounds of capability ill health. I have bipolar disorder. I feel terrible about this situation! I’m looking for some support. HR are taking an unreasonable amount of time to deal with my appeal. In the meantime I need something to distract myself.

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Hi Jessi_D

I'm so sorry to hear about your work problems, that sounds really stressful and upsetting.

I'm sure you've probably found these links and information already, but I know that Mind has information on their website about work and legal rights / discrimination etc, if you haven't read it already:

I hope others on here might be able to share their experiences, and offer support.

It is hard at the moment, I imagine, to find things to distract yourself, with the whole pandemic situations, it's less easy to meet others and join groups isn't it? Do you perhaps have hobbies you like to do? Maybe ones you used to do before you had children? Or exercise for example? I find trying to just have a little plan for each day helps. There are a lot of things happening online I think - online art classes, theatre etc. Perhaps there's something you can find that interests you? I know it's hard trying to motivate yourself when you aren't feeling great and in a stressful situation though.

I also wondered whether you have been in touch with Bipolar UK at all, as some people might be able to support you on there too, and share experiences?

Do take care,



Hello Jessi_D

I’m so sorry to hear you have been dismissed on the grounds of capability at work. It is an awful feeling which I can relate to although not based on my health.

Some years after my PP episodes I was in a similar situation. I had worked for a consultant for eight years. I think it was due to a budget review that we were all assessed regarding our work, My problem was that for the week of the assessment the consultant was on holiday, so I wasn’t as busy as usual. The following week I was called to a meeting.

I was told that I could continue at work being under regular scrutiny. My Union rep said that if I was assessed as incapable during this time I would be dismissed and my pension frozen! I had many sleepless nights and eventually realised my mental health was a priority, so I left before being dismissed. My choice gave me peace of mind.

I’m sorry that HR are taking an unreasonable amount of time with your appeal. I think after the initial shock you will realise what an asset you would be to another company. I appreciate though that during the Covid restrictions jobs are in short supply.

Perhaps baking might be a distraction? Or perhaps chair yoga to release tension and feel more relaxed? There are also free online courses available on a variety of subjects at which might be a distraction.

It’s easy to say but ... try not to worry. It’s their loss! Be mindful of your mental health and try to rise above the chaos. Please talk to your GP if this situation is overwhelming you. Take care.

Hi Jessi_D

I feel awful that you were made redundant and that HR are not being responsive. Unfortunately in the current climate I think we may see some degree of power misuse by employers.

Like Ellie mentions there are resources out there, Mind has very good information on their site, and it may be worth checking with the Equality Advisory Support Service

Its difficult to distract yourself when you have such a weight in your mind, specially for someone that already juggles family and work. I think Lilybeth's suggestion of online learning sounds great. Also Halloween is around the corner and a free for all on fun creative baking. I read in an older post that your second daughter is about the same age as mine. I am trying to get my monkey to help with meal prep and she can sit still for the whole of 5 seconds. I am hoping that fake blood cake decorating will be her forte.

Take good care and write here when you need to, look after yourself at this point, your health is the most important thing there is

Mental ill health is protected under the Equalities Act- make sure you get good representation, Union if you are in one or Citizens Advice Bureau in addition to ask the great suggestions above. Good luck

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