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Medication Review


After PP and initial physchosis meds I was placed on Citalopram which helped take the edge off for a while, until it didn't, then my GP put me on a new one Mirtazapine. I went along with it as they are the GP, however the switch of medicaton was awful and increased my negative thinking etc, it was a very very bad time. I am still on the meds and have had CBT sessions on a couple of ocassions. Most recently the therapist suggested I discuss my medicaton as I work hard in therapy and out but there is no consistent improvement.

I am really apprhensive and scared to change medication again but also wonder if it could assist in a better quality of life. Or if I try no medication as since the PP I have always been on some! It is my family that have to put up with me and thr consequences!

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Hi Strawberry55

I'm sorry you're struggling. It sounds like a medication change might be helpful?

I am not sure if you're in the UK? If you are perhaps you could ask if you could be referred to the second opinion service at Cardiff University? They specialise in postpartum psychosis and bipolar, and the service is free to access, for you and your health authority. It sounds like you're not under a psychiatrist at the moment, as you mention your GP, so your psychiatrist could just refer you?

The link to the service is here:

It is more asking for a specialist opinion, rather than a second opinion, if that makes sense.

I really hope that helps, and I hope others can share their experience of changing medication etc. It must feel quite daunting.

Take care, Ellie

Thank you that is useful to know. My GP refused to use a free service to help but my CBT therapist referred me to another service (primary care plus) I will mention the above to them.

EmiMum in reply to Strawberry55

Hi Strawberry55,

I am sorry to hear about your struggles with medication at the moment. Did your GP gave a reason to refuse a referral to the second opinion service in Cardiff University? Their consultations are online and over the phone so there is no physical barriers so to speak. Ask your GP why he thinks you won't benefit from this. Like Ellie says its not so much a second opinion but an specialized opinion.

I have not used primary care plus before, but I am pleased to hear that your therapist did a referral for you. I hope they can liase well with your GP and that you can see some benefits soon.

My mother currently takes mirtrazapine, on the lowest dose, it helps with her sleep so she takes it at night. As an antidepressant it took some months for her to see the benefit of it, and I can't say how much of it was due to the medication and how much was her recovering more mobility. This is all anecdotal of course, I have not taken this antidepressant myself to be able to say how well it worked for me.

I am so glad you are making such an effort with CBT, it can be really helpful.

Take good care, thinking of you

Ellie_at_APPAdministrator in reply to Strawberry55

Hi Strawberry55,

I hope you can get somewhere with getting a referral to the Cardiff University service, as Emimum says its free and they do it virtually. I have only heard good things from people who have accessed it.

Maybe if you don't find your GP helpful, you could look / ask for another one? I think some GP's are knowledgeable / understanding about mental health and others don't seem to be so much? I know that must feel like something else to sort out though.

I hope the different therapy etc helps too. It sounds like your CBT therapist is good, and is trying to get you some support as well.

Take care, and I do hope you can get the support you need.


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