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Hi I'm looking to come off propranolol I had a bad reaction to coming off sertraline and propranolol 2 months ago any advice thanks


Propranolol withdrawal

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Hello manutdhunter

Welcome to the forum. Can I ask if you have suffered Postpartum Psychosis?

I’m sorry I didn’t take the medication you mention so am unable to help. There is a website choiceandmedication.org which includes information on Propranolol and I’m sure other mums here will be able to advise you.

Take care.

Hi manutdhunter,

Welcomed. I have not taken propanolol, but I was on sertraline for a bit more than a year and it was unpleasant to come off it, I felt somewhat car sick everyday for a month, dry mouth and some headaches. I knew it was the medication so I hang in there, but there were a few ocassions when I thought gosh what if I take half a dose today to aliviate this. Of course, combination of drugs are more tricky to handle so I've always weaned off one at a time.

I hope this is somewhat helpful