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Take it day by day...


Hi Chelsey,

Lovely to meet you. I also had PPP after the birth of my 4th daughter in 2018 and I can say that after recovery there is a “shell shock” period and you said that it was a year ago so you may still be in the process?

And it is a process even now I reflect and I have to go through some “moments”

But they do get less frequent;and I have no problem taking about what happened and even laugh about some ridiculous aspects of it.

I just took it day by day. I found “talking therapies” via my Perinatal team at the time really helped me.

I do feel it’s just the body still adjusting...

I also wrote a Diary when I felt anxious and analysed what I was getting anxious about. I was then able to rationalise within myself. (I’m a Christian so I prayed frequently...it helped me a lot)

So these were my ways of dealing with it.

Wishing you all the best and I hope it helped.


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Thank you so much for this. So it's just a phase and it will pass? Xx

Elcee844Volunteer in reply to Chelsey1991

Well yes absolutely it will

pass but don’t be too hard on yourself if you do get some “moments”

I feel like I’m recovered from

PP however I am still in a process of life and maintaining a good mental health and I have learnt that and not every anxiety I may have will be linked to what happened to me(PP) do you get what I mean hun.

Chelsey1991 in reply to Elcee844

Yes I get what you mean thank you. How long did it take you to recover from pp? Xx

Elcee844Volunteer in reply to Chelsey1991

Symptoms I would say 3months as I responded well to Haloperidol and lorazepam at the time.

Then I had psychotherapy for 6months. So I would say about 2years completely! 😊where I felt I was myself again...and confident without the flash backs and feelings of regret etc...

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