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Update on my 1st midwife appointment 🤗🤗


Hey ladies ! Just wanted to update you all on how it went .

First and foremost my midwife is heaven sent ! Thank god .Second of the practice was almost empty literally about 3 people there and far away from each other more than 2 meters away in fact the place was very clean.

My midwife has no concerns and was quite pleased with the way I’ve been looking after myself mentally and physically. My weight was normal not alarming even though I was worried she reassured me that I look complete healthy and would be happy to be continue having me within her care instead of consultant lead.

Furthermore, she mentioned the hospital has a midwife that specialise in mental health, If I wanted that extra support but I told her I’m happy with the perinatal team who in fact I have an appointment with next week on Wednesday.

My midwife was very optimistic and calm and did not judge me what’s so ever if you know what I mean. She took my bloods, checked height and weight and asked me loads of questions . That’s about it really she issued me my maternity exempt certificate as informed me that I’ll have my first scan soon **exciting times ahead** 🤗🤗💛💛

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Hi Butterfly93

That all sounds really positive, so glad it went well.

Take care :)

Jenny x

Hey Jenny !

Thanks hun

It went really well, over the moon ! Xx

in reply to Butterfly93

Hi Butterfly93

So happy that your midwife is heaven sent and you are over the moon! Well done for looking after yourself both mentally and physically .... what a star you are :) As you say, exciting times ahead, to look forward to. Thanks so much for sharing. Take care.

Awwww thanks Lilybeth! I appreciate that literally just taking each day as it comes 🤗 thinking positive is what keeps me motivated! Xx

Take care stay safe


Hi Butterfly93.

Thanks for sharing. It makes such a difference that you are happy with the people caring for you. I'm glad everything is falling into place

Take Care

T x

Hey T, it really does make a difference ! Thanks hun x


Hello Butterfly93,

it is always fab to hear that mums receive appropriate care. I am so grateful that I was allocated to a marvellous health visitor at the time. Because of my traumatising experience in hospital and ill-treatment I have had the privilege of having that lady for 2 years. In addition I have had a lovely care-coordinator, with whom I am still in touch with.

I was lucky with my GP, too.

Allow yourself time to heal and talk to health professionals, who usually can direct you to therapy and/or therapeutic avenues.


in reply to Pikorua

Hey Pikorua, it’s great isn’t it ! Glad to hear that you had a positive experience hun.

In terms of healing I think I have healed and moved forward hun x


Hello Butterfly93

How are you in this sunny weather?

I hope you are resting as much as you can and your appointment with the perinatal team went well yesterday. Take care. x

Hey @Lilybeth,

I’m great thanks hun just finished cooking dinner ready for the evening.

I am definitely resting I literally have a nap everyday for about an 1 or 2 hehe .

Unfortunately my perinatal appointment got cancelled as my nurse had to take emergency leave, however they said they will keep in touch with me soon xx


Hi Butterfly93

Good to hear you're feeling great!

I think in the heat it can be very tiring so it's good you are managing little power naps :)

I'm sorry your perinatal appointment was cancelled but hope it won't be too long before you hear from your nurse. Take care. x

Hey Lilybeth

Thanks hun !

Tell me about it it’s so hot right now just trying to keep cool 😎

Hopefully I’ll hear from them soon xx


Hi Butterfly93

A bit cooler now ...... keep hydrated and rest. My second son was a summer baby and I remember how hot some days were before he arrived!

Exciting times for you :)

Hey Lilybeth 😊

Will do hun ! Wow OMG must have been quite hot 🥵 for you hun .

Exciting times ahead indeed luckily this baby will be a winter baby x

Glad to hear that, I'm feeling more positive now after speaking to the midwife, do you have a scan date yet? Mine is the 26th June. I hope by then partners can attend x

That’s good news hun ! Not yet still waiting on my letter to arrive in the post x


Hello Butterfly93

I hope you are coping in this unusually hot Bank Holiday weather.

Just wondering if you have heard anything from your nurse about your perinatal appointment being re-arranged? Keep cool and hydrated ...... :) x

Hey Lilybeth

I’m great thanks ! Currently in my linen dungarees about to go for a drive with the family💛🙋🏾‍♀️

Unfortunately, I haven’t heard anything yet however I’ll chase them up it’s gets to a week and I haven’t heard anything xx


Hi Butterfly93

I hope you had a good time out with the family .... it's good to hear you're great!

I hope you hear about another appointment with your nurse soon.

Much cooler now :) .... take care. xx

Sure did hun ! Aww thanks 😊

Indeed xx

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