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Feeling at a loss


I was pregnant with my third child, just wanted to try and enjoy it had been trying to be positive. I went for a scan 4 weeks ago found out I had a missed miscarriage. I’ve been doing Okay but it’s hit me again today. Covid19 isn’t helping as don’t know when it will be safe to try again

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Hello Becciandbump

I am so very sorry to hear of your silent miscarriage .... it must be so devastating for you. I hope you have support around you and also from professionals over the phone if needed. As in your profile verse, "And if today all you can do is hold yourself together I am proud of you" take your time to rest and heal.

Take care, one day at a time.


Hi Becciandbump,

I’m so very sorry to hear this :( I’m sure your emotions will be very up and down, take it easy and look after yourself as best you can.

It’s hard to know what will happen over the coming weeks and months but services continue to adapt and support is still available so just take your time and reach out when you’re ready.

Take good care.

Jenny x

Hi Becci

Oh no, sorry to hear that. Sending hugs xx

I’m so sorry :( poor baby and poor momma. My thoughts are with you.


Hello Becci,

I am so sorry! I hope you can connect and get some support via professionals.

Please, take good care of yourself. x

Hey Becci sorry to hear about your loss hun ! Sending you virtual hugs xx

Hi Becci, I am very sorry. You are in my thoughts, hope that the passing of time gives starts giving some consolation for what must have been such a painful loss. I hope you are well supported by professionals and loved ones at this time. Big hugs from a distance but heartfelt


Hi Becci

Thinking of you and hope you have comforting support around at such a difficult time. Take care.

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