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Dear Ladies.

I have had some contact with two separate spiritualists. I have been doing deep mediumistic relaxation with one of them. She says there is a lot of jealousy and hate surrounding me, and did I suffer trauma in childhood. She also says that my love life is going to alter, and that it is someone who I have already met in the past.

She says I was bewitched shortly after birth, and that someone close to my parents stole my past. That would be my brothers and cousin. She said "why does this lady find herself so alone when surrounded by people, and does so much for others. The trouble is I have spoilt my children, but they now have been turned against me by my family. She says that I have been misunderstood.

I have all my photos on my living room wall and I look at them daily.

I have been listening to my music and looking at my baby photos. No-one can take my memories of my children and granddaughter away from me.

I have my memories of birthdays, Christmases and my children's Christenings. When the lockdown ends I am going to church again, as I have a strong faith and believe in what goes around comes around. I believe my brothers and cousin will get what is coming to them.

Best Wishes XX

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Hi Poulson,

You have been through so much, thanks for sharing how you are doing.

It is a strange and difficult time with the lockdown, I'm glad you are doing OK.

I really hope you can find the support you need for all the trauma you have been through.

Take care Poulson,


Dear Ellie.

Yes, I believe I have found the right support now. She asked me if I had trauma from childhood, I said yes. That was compounded by the men in my life, abusing me and taking advantage. It is good to finally have someone recognize the trauma, and understand my spiritual beliefs and experiences. Because I told my psychiatrist I believed in God and what goes around comes around, I was sectioned yet again for 6 months. I believe that God sees everything and I also believe in justice for all my family and ex-partners have put me through.

I believe in miracles and believe in Armageddon. I read the Bible and go to church. If the past had not happened to me I would have been in a totally different place to where I am today. I was taught by my deceased grandfather right from wrong and the importance of education, and that has followed me throughout my life. I would not change anything in my life now, I have my treasured memories and my family cannot destroy those. I know God is holding a place for me, either that or I am going to live forever.

I am reading a book called "To the Unloved Daughter." It is a book full of anecdotes to uplift you. I have a passion for mental health education and music and reading.

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Hi Poulson

I'm so glad you've found things to uplift and help you.

You are doing so well to make positive things from really difficult experiences.

Take care,


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